Texas Concealed Handgun

Texas Concealed Handgun

The Texas concealed handgun license is also referred to as a Texas LTC, Texas CHL or Texas license to carry. Texas only issues one license so all of the names are referring to the same thing. Over the years the name of the license has changed several times so that's why people call it varies things. It has also became easy for anyone to get the Texas license to carry.

Texas License To Carry

The Texas license to carry provides protections that you don't have without the license. Having the Texas LTC also allows you to carry in more places with fewer penalties and restrictions. If you are going to carry a handgun in Texas you are better off doing it with the license. It also provides protections under federal law.

You will also have reciprocity with 37 other states. If you travel outside of Texas it will give you the same rights to carry in these other states that honor the Texas license. It's one of the most recognized carry license available. Texas has reciprocal agreements with all of these states to protect you while you travel outside the state.

Texas Online LTC Course

To get your Texas concealed handgun license you can take the class online. The online LTC course is available 24/7 from the comfort of your own own. The course is easy and anyone can pass with ease. It is a self paced course and your progressed is saved. It has never been easier to get your license to carry. Texas makes it easy.

The online class is available to anyone in Texas, it does not matter what city you live in. You can take the online course anytime, anywhere and on any device. It works on your smartphone too! This is the official course certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety.